Giants GM Says His Odell Beckham Jr. Trade Was to Address Positions Through “Whatever Means Necessary”

New York Giants fans have been patiently waiting for their general manager Dave Gettleman to explain himself when it comes to trading their franchise player Odell Beckham Jr to the Cleveland Browns.

Today, per Giants, Gettlemen spoke with the media on the mind-blowing trade.

“We didn’t sign Odell to trade him, but things change. Another team made an offer we couldn’t refuse,” Gettleman said.

The Giants got safety Jabrill Peppers, the 17th pick and a third-round pick for the exchange.

“Talks were initiated by the Browns. John knew we weren’t just going to give Odell away..there was considerable back and forth.”

Not too long after the trade, the Giants picked up former Eagles and Lions receiver Golden Tate. Last season, Tate was traded in the middle of the season played eight regular season games for the Eagles. He had 278 yards and one touchdown. In the 2018 playoffs, he had 64 yard and one touchdown. He played a whole 2017 season for the Lions and had 1,003 yards and five touchdowns.

Before Beckham’ injury in 2017, he was averaging 1,374 yard and 11 touchdowns a season. Every season for Beckham, except the 2017 season, he had had over 1053 yards and over six touchdowns.

“I completely understand why people would debate their merits of this deal” said Gettleman, “This trade really wont be able to be fully evaluated until we get further down the road. We did not enter this decision to trade Odell lightly.”

The Giants also traded Pro Bowler Olivier Vernon to the Cleveland Browns for Kevin Zeitler and let Landon Collins go who signed to NFC rivals, the Washington Redskins.

Gettleman is confident in the moves he made despite the disapproval from fans.”We have positions to address. Our plan is to address those positions, plain and simple. We’ll do that through whatever means necessary.”

His history as general manager starts in the Carolinas with the Panthers. He was their manager in 2013 and got them to Super bowl 50 in February 2016. He was then fired after letting Pro Bowl cornerback Josh Norman go.

Some would say letting Beckham Jr. go was due to his diva ways and being a distraction. Let’s take a minute to remember the distractions Randy Moss and Terrell Owens caused on and off the field yet many would take them without hesitation if they were still in their prime. We just witnessed a soap opera with Antonio Brown who is one of the top three, with Odell, when it comes to receivers in the league. Compared to Brown, Moss and Owens, Beckham Jr.’s frenzy was nothing.

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