Kobe Says Chris Childs Was A Punk For His Sucker Punch Back in 2000; Here’s What Chris Had to Say (Video)

There are many memorable moments between the Los Angeles Lakers and the New York Knicks. One of them happened 19 years ago yesterday and will never be forgotten.

Kobe Bryant and Chris Childs had exchange of words before Childs hit Bryant with two punches.

Childs told Knicks Blog Radio show in 2015 that it wasn’t random.

A couple of times going around screens, I played tight defense, it’s physical down there and he hit me with an elbow. I’m fine with that, but don’t do it above the shoulders,” Childs said.

He then says he asked the referees if they were going to do anything about it and obviously did nothing.

We go around the pick and he hit me again. By that time, enough is enough. I’m back home. This young guy is trying me. I walk up to him — if you watch it, he hits me with a little shoulder. He’s 6-6. I’m 6-3 at the time. I got to get him off of me. I give him a little head nudge. From that point on, it’s game on. I took a few boxing lessons. I know how to defend myself.

Bryant said after that fight that Childs was a punk.

The little punk decided to sneak me. It was physical play, a physical game, but I didn’t expect him to throw punches. He was holding me a little bit. I didn’t think he was going to throw a punch. I didn’t think he had the [onions] to do it. He threw a sucker punch.”

However, Bryant did make the first move by elbowing Childs which caused him to react. Sucker punch? Not quite.

Watch the fight again below.

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