Nipsey Hussle’s Music Jumps from 2 Million Streams to 57 Million After His Death

It’s sad but it happens when a celebrity dies unexpectedly. Nipsey Hussle, 33, was gunned down Sunday afternoon in front of his store in Los Angeles.

Before his tragic death, he was averaging 2 million audio streams and according to USA Today, it jumped to 57 million on Monday.

His 2018 album “Victory Lap” is number one on iTunes and his 2013 mixtape ‘Crenshaw’ is number five. Per Forbes, it’s a 638% jump from March 30 for his ‘Victory Lap’ album.

‘Victory Lap’ is his first studio album and he has 13 mixtapes. ‘Crenshaw’ and ‘Mailbox Money’ were mixtapes that hit the Billboard heatseeker charts before his death. ‘Crenshaw’ hit 35 and ‘Mailbox Money’ at 8.

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