The Driver in Nipsey Hussle Shooting Explains Why Eric Holder Killed Nipsey

Nipsey Hussle was killed March 31 in front of his store The Marathon in Los Angeles and his killer is Eric Holder. When footage was released back in April, we can see Holder wasn’t alone. The getaway driver, who is named ‘Witness 1’, testified in front of a grand jury as Holder is being charged for Nipsey’s murder.

According to the witness, they were driving to the strip mall to get some food. The strip mall is where The Marathon is located and Nipsey was in front of his store signing autographs and taking photos with fans. She was so excited to meet Nipsey and got a selfie with the rapper, went back to her car and posted the photo on her Facebook. Holder went to speak to Nipsey and during the four minute conversation, he was dismissed by Nipsey due to allegations of him being a snitch.

Herman Douglas, who was there at the time, said Nipsey did call Holder a snitch and that he needs to take care of the situation.

“Basically telling the guy you neeed to be careful,” Douglas said.

Holder told Nipsey the rumors were just that.

After the exchange of words, Holder went back to the car and told the witness to drive around for a drive-by but she refused. That’s when Holder got out the car, went back to the the store and shot Nipsey several times.

A coroner confirmed Nipsey sustained 10 gunshot wounds and six bullets were removed from his body.

Holder ran back to the car and the witness pulled off. She asked what happened but he threatened to beat her if she kept asking questions. She then dropped him off at his cousin’s house and later that day, he asked her if he could stay with her but she rejected him. The witness has only know the suspect for a month prior to the shooting.

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