LAPD Praised Nipsey Hussle, But Were Secretly Investigating Him For Gang Activity At the Time of His Murder

When Nipsey Hussle was tragically killed in front of his Marathon store in Los Angeles, the LAPD praised him as a community hero. However, new reports from the New York Times say otherwise.

At the time of his death, the LAPD were investigating Nipsey, his business partners as they suspected the strip mall that he owned was a hot spot for gang members and violence. Years before, the LAPD tried to have Nipsey evicted from the strip mall unaware that he bought the building with investors.

Yet, the police chief called him a peacemaker alongside the mayor who alled him “an artist who touched our city” two days after his death.

Nipsey was a known Rollin’ 60s Crip and he never hid it. He knew what that life was about and was trying to turn that around for the city by hiring gang members or inmates so they could see there is more to life than the streets and speak with the LAPD to minimize gang violence. Besides buying the strip mall, he wanted to invest in real estate and had plans on building new apartments for his city.

It is unknown what caused the LAPD to look into Nipsey but the city continues to look into his business partners.

Nipsey was gunned down on March 31 in front of his Marathon store by another Rollin 60s’ Crip named Eric Holder who has been charged with his death. Nipsey was shot six times, five in the torso and one to the head.

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