Jameis Winston Planning to Start a MLB Career?

It’s his last year with the Buccaneers and let’s just say Jameis Winston is not in a good setting.

After all the offseason issues, the several junctures of immaturity on the field, and below average numbers, it’s a-must that Winston has to play like the Heisman Trophy winner he was in 2013.

Recently, the 25-year old has started reminicisng about baseball again. Back at Florida State, Winston played outfielder and pitcher.

“It is something I would definitely look forward to,” Winston said in regards to playing baseball again.

Buccaneers were aware of his desire to play again so the included in his contract that he cannot quit football to play baseball full time or even play it in the offseason. They can’t do much if they let him go after this season and he can make a Tim Tebow move and transit to the Major Leagues. He’s young so it is possible.

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