New Charges Filed Against The Suspect in the Disappearance & Death of Maleah Davis

Derion Vence has been charged with tampering with evidence when it comes to four-year-old Maleah Davis’s death but now the 27-year old Houston man is facing a new charge.

Reports confirm that Vence will be charged with an injury to a child/serious bodily injury. This charge means there’s enough evidence to charge Vence that he intentionally and knowingly caused seriously bodily injury to a child. He also failed to “provide proper medial care”.

The medical examiner will not release details from the autopsy during the ongoing investigation.

Per court documents, Vence could have harmed Davis in several ways like hitting her with his hand or a blunt object or fallen to the floor and hit an object.

This charge is a first-degree felony and up to a life in prison sentence. The tampering with evidence (the body) is a second-degree felony which has a sentencing up to 20 years.

Davis’s body was found on May 31 in trash bags along a highway after Vence confessed. Vence was in a relationship with Davis’s mother, Brittany.

Vence is expected in court tomorrow for the new charge.

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