Lady Speaks: My Top 5 Winners & Losers of Week 1

Let’s give Antonio Brown a standing ovation for his blueprint to get to New England after the Pittsburgh Steelers refused to trade him there. I feel bad for the Oakland Raiders fans but they should be happy about their win last night – all is not lost.

But let’s get into Week 1’s top 5 winners and losers.


5. Baltimore Ravens NCAA-mode

Despite their 59 points, I couldn’t put them at number one– it was against a tanking Miami Dolphins team!! Why they’re even in my top five is for the fact that Lamar Jackson, who was dubbed as a running quarterback, threw five touchdown passes and 324 passing yards . He showed not only can he run but he can actually throw too — something Michael Vick use to get criticized for back in the day.

“Not bad for a running back,” Jackson said in a post-game interview.

Remember Mark Ingram?! Many forgot he’s not on the Saints anymore until you saw his 102 rushing yards and two touchdowns Sunday. It’s only week 1 but who in the AFC North beating the new and improved Ravens? The Bengals? Steelers? Browns? I don’t think so.

4. The Cowboys

They got Zeke back — cool, but what lit up Jerry’s World Sunday afternoon was Michael Gallup, Amari Cooper and Randall Cobb.

Dak Prescott has some new toys to play with and he sure did against Giants young defense. Prescott put up 405 yard and four touchdowns with his new wide receiver core. Elliott got his 53 rushing yards and a touchdown but Dak got four of his receivers in the end zone.

‘It was a good day for us all,” said Gallup.

Remember who they had before? Dez Bryant, Terrence Williams, and Cole Beasley.

From what I’ve seen Week 1..this is a good look. Cowboys might actually be a problem this season.

3. Comeback Receivers

Kenny Stills had to go through the drama with his #ImWithKap protest. The media initially put out an interview of Stills bashing rap mogul Jay Z for partaking in any NFL business. Then his head coach played Jay Z at practice.

I felt bad Still was put in a trade until I found out it was to the Houston Texans .. that to me wasn’t punishment. Stills almost had a GW touchdown last night before Drew Brees got into field goal range with less than 30 seconds left.

Deshaun Watson now has DeAndre Hopkins, Will Fuller and Kenny Stills.

Oh and let’s not forget DeSean Jackson. I get this guy every year for my Fantasy League and made fun of until the season starts. Jackson to some was washed — couldn’t explode in Tampa Bay like he should have. Was that his fault? Have we really seen Jameis Winston be the best that he can be? No. Carson Wentz now has the opportunity and got Jackson 154 yards an two touchdowns. Like Jackson never left Philly. (would of been awesome if he went to the Chiefs with Andy Reid and LeSean McCoy though).

Remember Larry Fitzgerald? The receiver we love yet get mad for being too damn loyal to the Cardinals? Yes, well rookie QB Kyler Murray brought Fitzgerald back from the dead and Larry looked like he was really having fun. 113 yards and one touchdown in a game that ended in a draw. I see a lot of hope for Murray and Fitzgerald this season.

2. The Browns (Marquise, John, AJ, AB)

Receivers with the last name Brown took over the NFL Week 1. Even one who didn’t touch the field.

Marquise Brown showed out and got 147 yards an two touchdowns in his rookie debut with Lamar Jackson. His cousin, star receiver Antonio Brown, maneuvers his way to New England after a Hard Knocks moment with the Oakland Raiders and bitter Pittsburgh Steelers. John Brown of the Buffalo Bills had 123 yard and one touchdown. He was previously on the Ravens and started his NFL career in Arizona in 2014. AJ Brown, another rookie, debuted with the Titans with 100 yards off of 3 catches.

By the way, Ravens, Bills and Titans won week 1. Patriots did without AB.

If I’m missing any other wide receivers – last name Brown who killed it Week 1, please let me know.


Didn’t even get Antonio Brown yet and offensively, the most dangerous team right now. Tom Brady looks younger than ever, Josh Gordon is big and bad, Patriots have more than one running back that can get the downs and then some — it doesn’t even seem fair. Phillip Dorsett also came alive in Sunday night’s game. Defense a little shaky but looks better than what they had last year (well until of course their miraculous improvement in the Super Bowl).

Did I mention they won without Antonio Brown?

“We’re going to try to throw it where we’re supposed to throw it, and we don’t try to force the ball anywhere or to anybody, because that’s not necessarily the way we do it,” Josh McDaniels said in regards to the addition of Brown.

And Patriots got him for only a couple mil and didn’t have to trade their picks.

Biggest steal since…. Josh Gordon or Odell Beckham?


5. Kickers

Colts Adam Vinatieri missed three field goals. Jets Kaare Vedvik missed an extra point. If both these kickers made those points, Colts and Jets would be looking at a different result. Kickers are unappreciated until things like this happen.

4.Giant’s Secondary

The first drive of the game for the NY Giants looked promising and then it all went down hill. The young secondary of the Giants looks terrible compared to the years before with defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo. Former safety Landon Collins is on the Washington Redskins and Janoris Jenkins is not the same Pro Bowler he was before. The rookie corner DeAndre Baker and backup Antonio Hamilton were hideous and Cowboys Dak Prescott took advantage scoring 35 on them.

“We had a lot of little mistakes that turned into big plays,” linebacker Alex Olgetree said.

For once, it wasn’t all on Eli Manning or the offensive line. I would say that play-calling and holding Saquon Barkley to 11 snaps was dumb. Golden Tate will be active in three weeks so maybe that will help Manning to get down the field and no wear-and-tare on Barkley.

“We need to just get back to work. I think there were some good things in the game but those are obviously overshadowed by the things that contributed to the loss,” head coach Pat Shurmur said.

Yes, OBJ is missed.

3. Turn that Frown Upside Down Browns

It’s only week 1 so Cleveland Browns fans and haters – settle down. Yes, Baker Mayfield had three interceptions, Odell Beckham Jr. wore a fancy watch and Greg Robinson was ejected after a body kick to Titans safety Kenny Vaccaro’s head. Some of that can be fixed. Let’s not doubt the Tennessee Titans either — I think many were watching how bad the Browns were and not watching how good the Titans are.

Browns were ranked one of the top defenses this season but we couldn’t tell watching A.J. Brown eat with three catches for 100 yards, Derrick Henry with 159 overall yards and two touchdowns and OG tight end Delanie Walker snatching two touchdowns himself.

Now if you lose Week 2 against the NY Jets…. I may have some doubts building up.

2. Big Ben

You did it to yourself Pittsburgh. You could have traded Ben Roethlisberger and kept Antonio Brown and LeVeon Bell. No disrespect to JuJu Smith-Schuster or James Connor, but c’mon. Think about having AB and JuJu, Bell and Connor as a one-two punch — with a new and younger QB. Behind the 6’5″ quarterbacks stats, it seems there were issues in the locker room. Granted, 31-year old Brown hasn’t reached adulthood (yet) but Big Ben’ referring to his teammates as his “52 kids” doesn’t show much maturity on his level either.

Plus, Steelers had a chance of getting a first round pick for AB in March. I see a lot of spring cleaning in the Steelers front office after this season — maybe even sooner.

1.Miami Dolphins Tanking Process

I understand you’re probably tanking after trading your number one receiver Kenny Stills, coincidentally after the whole Colin Kaepernick-Jay Z dilemma. Ryan Tannehill should of been gone a LONG time ago yet you kept him to … I don’t know. Now, with quarterbacks like Tua Tagovailoa or Jalen Hurts more than likely entering the 2020 NFL Draft, you may get that future QB. Understandable – but getting whooped by the Baltimore Ravens at home is still unacceptable.

Lamar Jackson, sophomore quarterback who is appraised as a running QB, threw 5 touchdown passes on you at HOME. Even Robert Griffin III got a touchdown pass!! Also broke a record for most points in the first half in a season-opener. Show a little bit more respect to your fans.

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