Lady Speaks: My Top 5 Winners & Losers of Week 2

Injuries, starters being benched, doctors getting farted on and expensive watches on the field is what Week 2 was about. There are nine undefeated teams and nine win less. Who would of thought the Buffalo Bills would be in the undefeated category right now.

Lets get into it.


5. Dak Wants His Money & Jimmy G is Money Well Spent?

Cowboys Dak Prescott is showing that he deserves to be up there with other high paid QBs in the league. Besides Ezekiel Elliott, Prescott has Devin Smith, Michael Gallup, Amari Cooper, Jason Witten and Randall Cobb to throw it too. First two weeks in the 2018 season, Prescott had a total of 340 passing yards and one touchdown. This year, 674 yards and seven touchdowns. Granted, the Cowboys played the Giants and Redskins. The first real challenge will be October 6 against the Green Bay Packers.

Speaking of money, remember when Jimmy Garoppolo got that $137.5 million contract and then tore his ACL in 2018? Many thought money wasted but as of Week 2, Jimmy G is quietly getting back on track.. and 49ers are undefeated.

“Everybody knows the ability Jimmy has, and he’s shown it,” 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan said, “The more he’s out there, I truly believe the better he will get, even when he does make mistakes, as long as he learns from them.”

Not many are talking about the Niners, but if they beat the Browns in October and Rams – people will start talking.

4. Odell Beckham Jr.

After the NFL informed the superstar of the watch rule, he wore another one — and it cost $2M. Then, he showed out in his old stadium against the NY Jets. After the outstanding performance, he took a shot at the Giants anyway .. he was playing the Jets!

“I feel like I lost enough games period. I lost enough games here. So to leave this on with a win is a good feeling,” Beckham said.

Despite all, Beckham Jr. looked amazing and the Browns fans are back on the hype train. Plus Beckham Jr. made Giants fans despise the Giants management team. Can you blame them?

3. Are the Ravens for real?

We all know the Dolphins were tanking so some of us didn’t take the 59-10 win seriously. They beat the Arizona Cardinals by six but Cardinals defense is ranked two for yards allowed.. so it’s impressive on the Ravens side. And Lamar Jackson continued to light it up with 272 passing yards, 120 rushing yards and two passing touchdowns. The sophomore QB has 596 passing yards, 126 rushing yards and seven passing touchdowns.

The addition of Mark Ingram and Marquise Brown is giving Jackson life.

2. MVP’s Patrick Mahomes

No sophomore-ish slump (I say ish because it’s his third season but second season starting)! Patrick Mahomes is leading the league with 443 yards and four touchdown – NO interceptions besides one fumble. His QB rate is 131.2. I want to see what happens when the Chiefs play the Ravens this upcoming Sunday.

“You have to stay disciplined, and at the same time put pressure on him,” Chiefs head coach Andy Reid said about Ravens’ Lamar Jackson.

The outcome will say something about both teams.


I know, they played the tanking Dolphins and a confused Steelers team. Yet, they are still the most dangerous team in the league right now. Especially after Antonio Brown showed up despite everything that is trying to keep him OFF the field.

Patriots do have a easy schedule, play their division teams, then the NFC East teams, Browns, Chiefs, Texans, Bengals and Ravens. Unsure what will happen down the road, but going off paper now, they MAY lose one or two games.


5. Cam Newton, who are you?

His crazy outfit is what everyone was talking about. I didn’t really care about it — I was more worried about what is going on with Cam Newton? He doesn’t look like himself and the offensive line is definitely not helping. Then today, he’s a no show at practice due to his foot injury. Maybe the 30-year old QB hasn’t fully healed from all the hits hes taken that should of been called roughin’ the passer ..but you know for Cam, they never are.

He hasn’t scored one touchdown yet and is -2 for rushing yards.

4. Jags vs. Ramsey

Jalen Ramsey didn’t get paid like Myles Jack who happened to throw a temper tantrum Week 1. Ramsey was going to holdout but was told by the Jaguars they wouldn’t give in — so he played. Then, Ramsey gets into a heated argument with head coach Doug Marrone on the sideline during a game. Now, the two-time Pro Bowler wants OUT.

The loser medal doesn’t go to Ramsey… but to the Jaguars. He’s top CB in the game and has calmed his antics. You traded and/or cut defensive weapons that he wasn’t happy about, you just lost Nick Foles, Leonard Fournette is still not himself and you have 10 other players on the injury report, six of them starters on defense. Now you are about to lose your best one because you’re frustrated.

Good job Jaguars.

3. Saints with No Brees

Hate to see Drew Brees go out like this … especially since the Saints continued to get played by the officials. Why? Is this revenge for the bounty scandal years ago? Now Saints have to depends on Teddy Bridgewater who, lets face it, never recovered from that injury in Minnesota.

“It’s very difficult not to be playing,” Brees said, “I’m not used to that. I don’t want to get used to that.”

The high hopes for the Saints have slightly diminished.

2. “A Friend Like Ben”

Boy oh boy, the Steelers are going through it.

No Antonio Brown, no LeVeon Bell, now no Big Ben. As I said, and many agreed, should have traded Big Ben and let AB and Bell stay. Now, you have nothing but JuJu and Connor. We know you won’t sign Kaepernick so you’re stuck with Mason Rudolph.

AB put a spell on Pittsburgh.

Let’s see his Steelers highlights though..

1.New York Giants

Remember when Ben Macadoo was fired? The coach who got the Giants to the playoffs couple years back? It was mainly due to benching Eli Manning.

Then the new GM, Dave Gettlemen, figured that the offer he received from the Cleveland Browns was more valuable than one of the best receivers in the league. Let me also add that NO ONE had issue with Odell Beckham Jr. until these two (Shurmur, Gettleman) showed up.

He did fix the offensive line though .. but for what? For new coach Pat Shurmur’s horrible play calling? For Saquon Barkley to not get 20+ snaps? To have no receivers for Eli Manning to throw it to?

Then, you don’t amp up your defense after getting rid of Landon Collins, Olivier Vernon and Snacks. You got rid of a team that was only missing TWO THINGS .. an offensive line and a future QB. You fixed one … drafted the potential future QB with your 6th pick when you didn’t HAVE to.

Then after just two weeks, you do what Macadoo did a few years back – bench Eli Manning .. when Eli is NOT THE ONLY PROBLEM. How is putting Daniel Jones in going to help the young and inexperienced secondary? The lack of common scene on defense.

Maybe momentum change — you better hope so.

(Side note: OBJ had 161 yard and one touchdown with the Browns in Metlife versus the Jets last night).

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