Christina Milian & Lil Wayne A Couple? (PICS)

Christina Milian could be dating her daughter’s father’s baby mothers ex husband/babyfather. Or we can phrase it like this… Christina is dating her daughter’s half sibling’s ex-step father? Just weird right. If you don’t get what I’m trying to say, singer/actress Christina Milian was married and had a daughter with rapper/songwriter The Dream. The Dream…

Beyonce Posts Pic of Jay Z & Solange Making Up!

The Beyoncé-Husband-Sister drama is over. Beyoncé posted pictures of her sister Solange and her husband Jay Z on Instagram two days ago, smiling and looking like the power family they are known for. Who knows, could possibly be a stunt to get out of the negative light but hopefully the peace is real.

CELEBS | Beyonce & Solange Skip Out On Father’s Wedding

Matthew Knowles, who divorced Beyoncé and Solange’s mother in 2011, has been remarried and was expecting his two daughters to be there. According to sources, neither showed up and Matthew announced it at the reception. Beyoncé and Matthew have had a bad relationship since her parents separated in 2009 but some say they have reconciled.