CELEBS | ‘Jersey Shore’ Pauly D Is A Father

According to sources, popular reality star Pauly D, from Jersey Shore, is now a father. A 26-year-old woman, who lives in New Jersey, claimed that her daughter, who is a few months old, is his daughter. Tests prove that he is the father. The two met up in Las Vegas when he was deejaying. Better…

CELEBS | Lil Wayne Calls Girlfriend “Fiancee”!

According to XXL, Lil Wayne was doing a promotional clip with Vinny from Jersey Shore and Weezy mentioned that his “fiancée is Italian” when Vinny asked him if he ate Italian food. Wayne has been dating his girlfriend Dhea since 2011. No confirmation if they are indeed engaged.

NEWS | No More ‘Jersey Shore’

After this season,  MTV will not be filming anymore Jersey Shore reality shows. This is the 6th season (premieres Oct 4) and Snooki gave birth to a babyboy and The Situation completed rehab. There will be shows like “Pauly D Project” and “Snooki & JWOWW”. (source: NY POST)

CELEBS | Sammi & Deena Twitter Beef Over BMW

Deena got a new BMW from the dealership and Sammi aka “Sweetheart” had to open her mouth and be the b*tch that she is and tweet: Congrats to @DeenaNicoleMTV for her new car that looks EXACTLY like mine.“#cantyougetyourownstyle it’s alright imitation is flattery Deena replied after she tweeted a pic of her BMW(next to Sammi) proving it’s…

NEWS | Woman Killed By Lightning Strike on Jersey Shore

No she didn’t die on the show Jersey Shore as many of you are thinking this. SMH damn reality shows. But a woman, 48-year-old Indira Tursunova, who was at Monmouth Beach in NY, was struck by lightning as she was walking on the sea wall with family and friends.  She was the only one struck…