Rihanna Ties Diva’s Chart Record

Pop superstar Rihanna has just tied one of the top divas in the game.

Mariah Carey had the record of 23 top 10 Billboard Radio Song chart that has now been tied by Rihanna with her “FourFiveSeconds” track.

Gawker’s Rich Juzwiak states that Carey shouldn’t feel any type of way, even going through this rough time in her life as her husband Nick Cannon filed for divorce.

“Over the course of a career, it’s also become harder for individual artists — especially women — to sell music. Our culture’s obsession with youth only has intensified. It’s insane to look back on the ’80s and see people like Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, and Patti LaBelle churning out mainstream hits while they were in their 40s. That just doesn’t happen today.”

Of course Rihanna is nowhere near album sales as Mariah has 200 million sold, Rihanna 10 million as of last week.

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