Suspect Who Dragged Bronx Teen Transferred Due to Threats At Rikers; Says He Didn’t Stab Junior & Footage Proves It (Video)


The story of Lesandro “Junior” Guzman-Feliz is far from over even with all suspects in custody. One of the suspects, 19-year old Kevin Alvarez, turned himself in and admits his role but not like the others.

Per NY Daily News, Alvarez was unaware his new friends were planning to kill Junior. He knew there were part of Trinitarios and carried weapons but the initial plan he was told was to fight.

“I thought it was just going to be a fight when I came out the store and I turned around and saw the machetes.

I only saw (the knives) when I came out of the store. I backed up and put my arms up. I yelled at them to stop.”

In the footage, you do see Alvarez drag Junior out and then when the others start stabbing Junior, he leaves the frame.


The footage from the apartments above show Alvarez running away when the stabbing started as well.


Alvarez was charged with manslaughter, murder and gang assault. He was transferred from Rikers as he was threatened and claims officers are leaving his door open so inmates can attack him.

“I was in the military, but I was so scared. People think I’m a monster. They want me dead, they want me gone.”

That day, Alavrez just got a construction job and was supposed to be partying with the other suspects that night before running into Junior at the Bronx Bodega.

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