MUSIC | Frank Ocean Brings His Rumored “Lover/Boyfriend” To Red Carpet Event? (PICS)

Gossip Daily news reports:

It’s been a few months now since Frank Ocean wrote his notorious “coming out”/ confessional Tumblr post explaining his “complicated” situation loving a man but still having interest in women. Frank single-handed switched up the Hip Hop scene confessing his sexuality and because of it he has been laying low from publicity. Frank has been choosing the events he attends very wisely, knowing that everyone is watching. But recently, Frank Ocean has been seen finding comforts in the presence of super model Willy Cartier. Willy Cartier is a major men’s model from Vietnam, Senegal & France. Just this week, Frank Ocean brought the international model with him on the GQ red carpet, introducing him as a “friend”. Two pictures were posted of the same Willy Cartier- one with the two meditating together in his home with the caption “No Fear” and one, where it appears, the two are at dinner. We all know Frank Ocean can be very subliminal with his messages, but we can’t help but think this is his “special” way of letting us all know this is his new boyfriend, get used to it.

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