NYC 24-Hour Subway System Might End

Regional Plan Association told reports that the 24/7 subway system in New York may be coming to an end soon according to NY Daily News. They have other plans for New York City:

-Raise money through new taxes, like charging drivers to enter Manhattan’s business center, tolling major roads and highways, adopting a cap-and-trade program for emissions, and a tax based on vehicle-miles traveled. Build dense housing near transit stops throughout the region.
-Extend subway lines around the city and build out overcrowded stations.
-Create a regional rail network that allows trains to flow unimpeded through the tristate area, such as building a new facility south of Penn Station that could allow rail to bring travelers between Long Island and New Jersey without switching trains.

NYU Rudin Center for Transportation Policy & Management director told NY Daily New that he idea is ridiculous:

“The RPA board should be embarrassed by this recommendation. The RPA board members and officers needs to take the subway after midnight and see that they’re jammed with working New Yorkers, not the leisure classes who attend cocktail parties and galas.”

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