NFL | Eagles Fans Impressed by Rookie QB Nick Foles

2 quarterbacks got a lot of playing time for the Philly Eagles last night — Trent Edwards and Nick Foles.

The Eagles didn’t score the first half as the Steelers were up by 13. The 3rd quarter began and Foles scored 2 touchdowns – a 70 yard TD pass to Damaris Johnson and a 44 yard TD pass to Mardy Gilyard.

Foles came out gunning for his 10 passes, completing 6 for 144 yard and 2 touchdowns! The fans were impressed by the rookie QB from Arizona.

Not too bad for a debut of a 3rd round pick quarterback.

Eagles won 24 – 23. Vick was in for a short time and he had a minor thumb injury but “nothing serious” according to the NFL. Both teams were shaky on 3rd down conversions (Steelers 6/16, Eagles 1/11) but completed the 4th down conversions at 100% (Steelers 1/1, Eagles 2/2.  When it came to Steelers offense, they need to work on their oline when it comes to blitz and protecting their QB as their quarterback was sacked 7 times last night, losing 57 yards. They did well on blocking and making a route for the running backs as they rushed for 131 yard last night compared to Eagles 74.

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