Analyst Says Tony Romo A Clutch QB, Not Eli Manning

This analyst must be talking about just LAST season.

NFL’s Bucky Brooks posted his list of the top 10 clutch QBs and New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning was not in this top ten but Dallas Cowboys Tony Romo was!

Many would be confused on to why when Manning has two rings and Romo only has one playoff win. However, being clutch is not about how many titles you have won, it’s about how you win a game under pressure within the last quarter or last minutes or last game. But still, how does Romo come to be in the top ten?

Brooks was going off of last season, as Romo 69.6 fourth quarter completion rate and a QB rating of 105.6 in the final 15 minutes last season. He’s also had 11 fourth quarter comebacks in the last three season (career overall, 20). The curse still exist in Dallas as Romo fails to win the last few games of the season to advance into the playoffs. That’s why some would say he is NOT a clutch quarterback.

Manning has 25 fourth quarter comebacks, the only quarterback behind these two: Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. FYI, these two quarterbacks have played way more games than Eli has: Eli is in his 11th season, Brady in his 15th and Peyton in his 17th.

The reason why Brooks has Manning out of the top ten clutch QBs is because last season, Eli only had one fourth quarter comeback. No, we cannot put the blame all on him as Giants dealt with injuries both offense and defense, inexperienced players (that have been cut) and time management. But, Cowboys has their share of injuries last season as well.

I will agree Romo had a better clutch season than Manning did LAST season.


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