Navy SEAL Trainee’s Drowning Now A Homicide Investigation After Witnesses Come Forward

Seaman James Lovelace died on May 6 in Coronado California during training according to reports. He drowned during Basic Underwater Demolition training as it was accidental. Now, according to NY Daily News, it’s being ruled a homicide.

NY Daily News reported:

..witnesses said they saw the 21-year-old trainee struggling to breathe and turning blue while instructors continued to shove him into the water.

There are several witnesses including video footage.

Military Times reported hazed and harrassed Lovelace.

The hazing included dunking Lovelace’s head underwater multiple times even though “instructors are reportedly advised to not dunk or pull students underwater,” the report says.

The family of Lovelace says he was a “proficient swimmer”.

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