NEWS | Deadly Weekend in CT; Train Crash, Fatal Shooting, 2 College Students Killed, Fatal Mall Crash


Connecticut has been through a lot since last year with the 2nd consecutive year involving a Hurricane and crazy snow storm. Then the tragic historical incident at Sandy Hook in Newtown Connecticut where innocent children and adults were killed in a school shooting that made worldwide news and worldwide grief.

Events have happened in Connecticut with New Haven & Hartford ranked in the top 15 for most violent cities in the nation and nearby; Boston Marathon bombing, NYC ferry crashes and such. This weekend however stands out as another tragedy for Connecticut.

Two Metro-North trains collided Friday evening, trains that were full of commuters leaving work from New York City to CT and vice versa. 60 people were injured and according to NBCNEWS, 5 still in critical condition. Investigation is underway for the accident.

At the Danbury Mall, a car crash occurred at 2:20pm Saturday The vehicle hit a curb and flipped over at the mall, killing the passenger. The driver survived. (source: Newstimes)

In New Haven, a shooting occurred on Crown Street and College Street, a very popular area filled with nightclubs, bars and late night restaurants and only a few blocks from Yale early Saturday morning. One man was killed in the shooting and two others injured. Tyrell Drew, 21, was shot in the chest and died as he arrived at Yale Hospital.

The Eastern Connecticut State University student I did a report on a few days ago has been found dead. Alyssiah Wiley’s remains were found in a wooded area in Trumbull. Jermaine Richards, 30, of Bridgeport, has been charged with her murder and also kidnapping charges. She was last seen April 20 near Dairy Queen in Willimantic, near the University.

Another college student was killed this weekend as well on the eve of his graduation. Fairfield University student Deandre Lawton, of Brockton Massachusetts, died from his injuries in a fatal car crash near the campus early Saturday morning. His 2009 Ford Fusion crashed into a tree at 4:30am. He was a senior in the Charles F. Dolan School of Business and was due to graduate that morning.


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