Witness At Danbury Murder Trial In Court With Bulletproof Vest, Other Offered Witness Protection

Newstimes reports that there are concerns for a witness in a murder trial in Danbury Connecticut as the witness appeared in court with a bulletproof vest. Federal corrections officer says the vest is for the woman’s safety and must stay as defense attorney objected to the vest stating that it makes his client, suspect Garfield Sanderson, look dangerous.

Senior State’s Attorney Jason Germain said they are gang ties and it’s been difficult to locate witnesses, even the ones who have been subpoenaed in the case.

Defense attorney claims there has been a lot of talk about witness intimidation and tampering yet no evidence.

Another witness is being offered witness protection as she confirmed Sanderson was the shooter. She was taken into custody by police as she tried to run and not testify.

Sanderson may claim self defense in the murder of Bridgeport man, Jeiel Kingston. Kingston was shot after a brawl at Eclipse nightclub on White St on may 4 2014.

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