Feds Using Visa Status Against Illegal Immigrants To Get MS-13 Gang Members

Immigration cooperation has been a big factor for ICE’s Homeland Security in capturing and bringing MS-13 gangs to justice. FOX News reports the Feds are winning the cooperation of the immigrants for an exchange of their visa status. They have been warned to use the visa offer sporadically as they don’t want any fraudulent claims.

MS-13 is an international criminal gang from Los Angeles in the 1980s and it spread throughout the nation, Canada, Mexico and Central America. The gang is heavy in LA counties, Washington D.C., Queens and Long Island New York, Newark NJ and northern counties, Boston, Charlotte North Carolina and Houston.

Jessica Vaughn, Director of Policy Studies, says its best if the strategy is not abused:

“I think it is a good tool if used sparingly to reward people who are critical in especially significant prosecutions, not just as a back-door green card for anyone who has been the victim of a crime.

Experience shows when it is promoted, large numbers of people try to use it as a way to stay here, even if they have nothing significant of value to offer in any case.”

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