Lady Speaks: My 5 Winners & Losers From Week 6


I can tell you one thing from Week 6: I told you! Certain games this week is what I’ve been saying all along and why I wasn’t sold on certain teams and/or players. Let’s just jump right into it!





Hurts my heart to put them on my list as a Giants fan but I must give credit to the Cowboys. They didn’t just beat them, they slaughtered them shocking many NFL fans. Why they’re on the bottom is because, like I’ve been saying, Blake Bortles is NOT THAT GOOD like many of you claim based off of his 2017 playoff performance. Granted, Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott put up some decent numbers but look who also got involved: Cole Beasley. I honestly thought he would be used way more this season after the loss of Dez Bryant. Maybe after this game, Prescott will throw it to him more.


4.Marquise Goodwin.


Why you ask? I’ve been waiting for this guy to show up since the beginning of the season and he does against the Packers in Green Bay without  Jimmy Garoppolo. Niners almost win this game by the way. 126 yards and 2 touchdowns off of just 4 catches hopefully reminded everyone that Goodwin is a decent receiver, if used the right way. It just so happens that I had to put him in my lineup for fantasy football because Randall Cobb was out. How ironic!


3.Antonio Brown & James Connor


Once they figured out how to live without LeVeon Bell, I knew things would get better and it has. Big Ben is throwing better, Antonio Brown is getting his yards and James Conner is becoming a star with back-to-back 100+ yards game and 2 touchdowns each. Bell did say he would come back after Week 7’s bye week but Steelers doubt he will and still plan to trade him.


2.The end of the winning streak


What a Sunday night game. Two quarterbacks throwing up 300+ passing yards in a game that came down to the last second. Tom Brady and the Patriots are becoming the favorites again in the AFC after ending the Chiefs winning streak. Like I said before, the Chiefs defense is not that good! This is why I couldn’t say they were the best team overall meaning better than the only undefeated team left, the LA Rams. Mahomes is something special though.


1.Todd Gurley’s 225 yards


He had more yards than Jared Goff had passing (201). Any running back that rushes for 200+ yards in one game will always be number one (or two) in my top five winners. He’s averaging 145 overall yards a game! He’s on a roll for this to be his best career season if he keeps the same average.

“I wouldn’t be able to do it without those guys up front,” Gurley said.

We must thank the Rams for getting rid of Jeff Fisher (never over .500 as their head coach). You wouldn’t of seen this type of Gurley or Rams team sitting undefeated Week 6.






No one has tape on Brock Osweiler. The reason I put the Bears, my sleepers, at 5. I’m sure they expected for Ryan Tannehill to lead his offense but at last minute, it was changed. Probably threw the Bears off as much as NFL fantasy owners. Besides the switch, Frank Gore tortured the linebackers with 101 yards and Albert Wilson caught 155 yards and 2 touchdowns on Bears secondary. Who’s Albert Wilson? Exactly. Wilson’s career high is 554 yards (2017). Turnovers by Bears were costly as well.

“That type of rollergcoaster game, it can go either way at the end. And today it didn’t og in our favor,” Mitch Trubisky said after the overtime loss.

When it comes to Brock, no, I don’t see the “Fitzmagic” happening in Miami even if he starts Sunday against the Lions.




I don’t care if it was a ugly win. It’s the Packers up against a Jimmy G-less 49ers. The Packers struggled the whole game. Not like the comeback the Packers has in Week 1. Packers are barely winning game with the only blowout was against Josh Allen and the Bills (22-0). The NFC North is probably the most competitive division right now; even with the Lions who is the only team the Niners beat this season.




When fans make a website called “IsGrudenGoneYet”, you will stay on the losers side. Gruden’s return for the Raider’s last season in Oakland has been nothing but horrendous. Derek Carr’s not playing like himself, Marshawn Lynch looks like he doesn’t are anymore and Khalil Mack is missed for that defense. I think that Oakland Raiders fans are the most loyal in any professional sports league so it hurts for me to see their team, whose moving to Vegas, go out like this.


2.Andrew Luck


His best game this season, so far, was against the Texans (week 4) that he lost because his coach doesn’t believe in ties. Another 4 touchdown game for Luck and still no win. Losing to the Jets is not a horrible thing since they’re up and down all the time with rookie quarterback Sam Darnold. Just think the Jets beat the Broncos last game & the Broncos  still have a good defense. Many believing he would be Comeback Player of the Year are currently having doubts.  Like I said before the season, it wasn’t going to happen (even though I picked Deshaun Watson who’s not looking too hot either).




He’s not what you thought he was. Yes, he beat the Patriots week 2 but what has happened since? Leonard Fournette needs a new hamstring and Bortles needs to keep the offense on the field by making plays. Against the Cowboys, the Jaguars only has 21 possession minutes. That’s a quarter and then some! Jags had only 10 first downs in this game (Cowboys 23) and Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott ran a total of 188 yards. No wonder Jalen Ramsey and the Jags defense looked the way they did. They barely had time to breathe. All thanks to Bortles and the offense Jags fans claim doesn’t live off of Fournette.

Oh and Bortles told reporters, “I mean, just, pretty much a waste of a day and a trip.”

Is this your quarterback?



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