David Fizdale Struggling To Keep One of His Guards Happy; See Which One & What He Said About Coach

The NY Knicks have three guards: Trey Burke, Frank Ntilikina and Emmanuel Mudiay. All playing well and wanting to get wins for their Knicks. However, after their win against the Atlanta Hawks, Burke became irritated. He didn’t see the court and it was his first time with a DNP status.

Head coach David Fizdale told NY Post it’s hard to balance three good guards.

Not playing any of them is a tough call for me,” Fizdale said.

Burke was upset still being benched when the Knicks were ahead of the Hawks with 5 minutes left and Ntilikina fouled out.

I’m just as surprised as everyone else,’’ Burke said.

I’m ready to go every single game to help this team win. Of course it was frustrating but you can’t show that. I’ve been through the fire in this league. At this point, nothing can break me. Nothing can make me fold. I got to stick to what I’ve been doing. My faith will get me through all this. It has before and will again. If the opportunity presents itself again, I’ll be ready.’’

Fizdale understand Burke’s frustration, “Trey knows he’s in my holster. I won’t hesitate to use Trey. He’s always ready to go and I believe in Trey.’’

The Knicks are currently playing the Toronto Raptors and as of right now (2nd quarter), Burke hasn’t seen the court.

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