NBA | San Antonio Spurs Player Debating on Retirement

Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Tim Duncan

San Antonio Spurs will be hosting Game 5 in the NBA Finals against the Miami Heat. Four games have already been played, two of those blow outs. Spurs, who have been here before, surviving with their bench players and the three point shot. Tony Parker suffering a hamstring injury can put the Spurs at risk for the remainder of the series.

But one player is talking about what’s his future after the season. ESPN reports that Manu Ginobili is debating whether to retire after this season.

“I really don’t know,” Ginobili said Saturday afternoon, when asked whether this could be his final season.

“All season long I kind of knew that I was going to play one or two more years. But when you are 36 [years old] — I’m going to be 36 pretty soon — everything is a day-by-day basis. Once the season finishes and I see how I feel, I can’t imagine me not playing at least one more year here, but time will tell. We’ll see.” – ESPN

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